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Update 9/3/2018 – We will be uploading a lot of files over the next week. We have already uploaded 1919-1920 National Match Data, Some AEF WWI files (including sniper files)

Update 7/20/2018 – Here is a list of Infantry Board Reports available at Archives II in College Park, MD. We will not be digitizing every file. This is just the complete list of what is available within their records. We will be focusing on digitizing all small arms related data.

If there is something you would like to see from the list, please send us an e-mail and we will add it to the cue. Follow the link to a download below.

It will download in the form of a Microsoft Word Document that is about 65 pages long.

Look to see if there is anything that interests you.

Infantry Board Rpts For Release

Update 7/3/2018 – We have just added several infantry board reports obtained from the Chief of Arms and Army Ground Forces. Some topics include Reports on Telescopic Musket sights, M1903 Periscope Mechanism, M1 Garand Sniper Tests and M1/M2 Carbine Tests. Small arms from the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI will be added in the next couple of days.

Update 4/2/2018 – A lot has happened this past month. Wonderful new developments.

We recently acquired a very nice piece of equipment which will be put in use next month. A digital scanner which so far is yielding wonderful scans. The scans are such good quality that we can produce a lot more documents faster.

What does that mean for subscribers? It means we can throw up more documents in less amount of time. So the files we have been saving for scheduled drops over the next several months will be released faster.

Today we released a recent discovery a M1C file located in the Chief of Ordnance Industrial Service files. It is just shy of 500 documents. We initially planned to release it over a schedule of 2-3 months, but with this new scanner we dumped the entire folder.

We have also uploaded a month of USMC Quartermaster Small Arms rifle files from College Park. The recent addition is March 2, 1942 Thru April 3, 1942 in the “USMC Quartermaster Small Arms Rifles Folder.” We will be continuing out the remainder of 1942 and working our way backwards and faster than previous months.

We also have a PDF document of M1 Garand Serial Numbers we will release in the next week.

A large cache of USMC serial numbers has been discovered in Washington DC which includes USMC small arms from the Caribbean and Latin America during the 1920s and 1930s. The small arms include so far: 1911s, 1903s, Shotguns, Sniper rifles, BARs, Thompsons, and Browning MGs. These will take a couple months to transcribe and will be uploaded shortly.

Many thanks for your support.

Update 3/4/2018 – We’re going to be drifting away from the “photobook” format for uploading files.  After talking with the developers the photobook software can’t support large amounts of files. So we’ll be going with the cascading “photo album” format. We’re going to have to talk with the software developer some more to see which tier of their software will best suite our needs. But we have a basic format to keep things going.

We have just uploaded this month’s document dump. This month we closed out the remainder of the February 1942 USMC Quartermaster Correspondence and will continue to build on that. For those interested in the M1918 Pedersen Device, we have uploaded the 1922 Infantry Board Report on the device (some pictures are included in the report). We also found an interesting report on two groove rifling which will also be included.

Next Month we are going to continue to build on the USMC Quartermaster files and start uploading the coveted M1C/M1D Garand Sniper sniper files.

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail.

Update 2/5/2018 – We are officially accepting subscribers. We are currently “LIVE.” The first issue of documents have been released as well as Serial Number lists.

Update 1/1/2018 – First update of the year! We found a piece of software that can handle the amount of documents we’ll be digitizing and uploading It’s not perfect but should be suitable until enough revenue is generated to purchase the better (more expensive software). The first several hundred pages are broken up between first 90 days of the USMC Quartermaster files, War Claims Arbiter (Spitzer Controversy) and Air Service Rifle including the drawing design specs. There will also be a M1911, M1903, Smith and Wesson 38, etc serial number lists, which I’ll update more regularly. Some are brand new discovered numbers. But as of now as long as there are no other major problems.

Launch date will be February 1st.

Update 12/23/2017 – Currently the registration is locked down (intentionally). We are doing beta testing over the usability of the site before we go live. Once we have all rough edges smoothed out, we will unlock it to be taking membership subscriptions.

Update: 12/15/2017 – Just uploaded some videos from YouTube which we provided provided data to the YouTube Channel C&Rsenal. Check out their great work.
Also, please check out the some recently discovered documentation on President Theodore Roosevelt special ordering a 1903 Carbine from Chief of Ordnance Brig. General William Crozier as well as the accompanying correspondence and photographs we took while we were at Sagamore Hill National Historic site completing this research project. More updates to follow.
Here at Archival Research, we hope it enhances your appreciation of history.

Update: 12/8/2017 – Working to be operational by January 1st, 2017. Be posting periodic updates over the next several weeks to ensure we’ll be ready.