Tulkoff Military Archives

Welcome to the joint venture between Archival Research Group (ARG) and Tulkoff Military Archives (TMA).

TMA represents over 20 years of research at the National Archives as well as many other sources. The vast material I accessed or have acquired for future research will be available for anyone to access and use.

This Digital Archive will have the following items to start with shortly.


Casualty Reports: Over 20,000 US Army Casualties from D-Day though the end of war in a searchable database by name or serial number.

Marine Corps Equipment Board (MCEB): Meeting notes from the MCEB prior to WW2 and through the war in the development and testing of equipment.

Medal Issuances: Over 10,000 US Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal Issuance by name and medal number from the inception of the medal up to WW2.

Medal Citations: WW2 US Marine Corps medal citations

WW2 War Supply Contract Data: All US contracts awarded that amounted to $50,000 or more listed alphabetically by name of contractor as well as award/completion dates and contract number and dollar value of contract. From Battleships and B-17s to toilet paper and x-ray machines.