A lot of these documents have not seen the light of day since they were being written. Either during World War II, the inter-war years, World War I and even further back. Each box presents new raw data and new discoveries. New information that may not be previously known, it may not be recorded in the history books or known by some of the most well respected and well known experts in their respective fields. Hiring a researcher can be costly, especially on an hourly basis. Here at Archival Research Group, we do the digging for our members. We ask for a small monthly subscription of $9.00 on a monthly basis. And we will upload a couple hundred documents each month, sometimes time permitting we will upload more. These documents will be converted and embedded in the form of PDF files you may view online. We also record serial numbers of small arms and upload searchable PDF databases which we will routinely update as we come across new serial numbers. If you happen to own the small arm (for a fee) we will provide a copy of the documentation to that serial number.
We do not ask for long-term yearly contracts. Membership is based on a monthly basis and if you do not find out services satisfactory, simply cancel.
We look forward to your support.

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