We believe in preserving the stories within our nation’s history, as well as separating documented fact from urban legends. The National Archives provide an endless source of a direct link to those who shaped our nation’s history through their experiences and documenting them. We specialize in the first half of the 20th century’s military history of the United States.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the documentation available at the National Archives has not been digitized and thus can not be retrieved without traveling to one of it’s main or regional locations. Most people are presented two options, either traveling to one of the locations and sifting through the endless supply of archived documents at great cost and time or hiring a professional researcher at an hourly rate.

For most people, neither of these options are viable or cost effective. We like to provide a third option. For a small monthly membership, we make regularly scheduled trips and make copies of the documentation and make them available online so you may review and appreciate them from the comfort of your own personal computer at a time convenient for you.

We also provide a forum so other history enthusiasts can discuss the documentation  and learn from one another’s interpretation of the primary documentation.

You can go to a bookstore and purchase books on history where the author reads the documentation and then writes their interpretation of the data, or you can view the primary documentation for yourself and form your own conclusions. Will also provide a frequently updated list of serial numbers found on documented U.S. military weapons for the firearm enthusiasts found on archival documentation. Copies may be ordered upon request for a fee.

We also provide individual services upon request to research specific topics upon request at an hourly rate.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our site and hope to see your face as a member and discussing new discoveries on our forums.

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